rubber tree plantation to produce 100% natural talalay latex
Latex Foam Mattresses

If you were looking for a 100% Talalay Latex Matress and have not been able to find one since Natures Rest closed its doors, look no further!

Organic Mattress has been selling 100% Latex Mattresses since 1995. They created "The First Personally Crafted Mattress" with each side designed for each sleeper. Choose from Soft to XFirm, 13 Firmnesses in all. We guarantee to get each side just right

Start with *100% Natural Latex from the Rubber Tree,

Add *100% Natural Cotton Cover and *100% Pure Mt. Shasta Wool...

rubber trees for latex in our mattress + 100 % cotton to cover our latex mattresses + wool used to add comfort to our latex mattress= sleep... what you get with our latex mattress

and you get Sleep!

place on top of kiln dried pine foundation
with clear fir slats or european flexible beechwood slats

solid pine in slat foundation under latex mattress + fir slats under latex mattress or eruo slats under latex mattress = inside view of latex mattress euro slat foundation

for the most comfortable and long lasting sleep system ever:


+ + +

Natures Mattress -

cross section of our latex mattress

The all natural mattress: natural latex, organic wool, fir or beech and pine.

Distributed Exclusively by:

Organic Mattress

Organic Mattress by

Nature's Rest is a brand name that was made by Spring Air of Florida before they closed their doors in May of 2009.